Need Some Forge Buddies

Anyone interested? I’m not really making a specific map, I just wanna see what kind of neat stuff can be made. So far my favorite creation was a disc that bounced around the map, splattering anyone it touched.

need more forgers in my clan if you are interested I am part of double kill a company of semi-competitive players that share an equal love of story as they do multiplayer (with a bit of messing about here and there). anyone from all over can join up just so long as you’re a mature player.
WE also desperately need some cool forgers for custom nights
The main focus of this company will of course be Halo 5. However that doesn’t mean we won’t play on MCC from time to time. In Halo 5 it’ll mainly be Arena and Breakout. if you decline add me on XBL so we can help each other at some point

I’ll be your forge buddy. I also like building cool things with scripting.

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> need more forgers in my clan if you are interested
> WE also desperately need some cool forgers for custom nights

That sounds perfect, I love making maps but I have nobody to play them.

yea, sounds good. add me

Join Aegis dude we have some really good scripting people and aesthetic forgers.


Welcome to the Aegis Empire’s Spartan Company page. We are an imperial Roman-based clan with a large, constantly increasing member count. We are based off the Legion from Fallout New Vegas, and our government system is inspired by the real life Roman republic. We have three divisions: Castra, Frumentarii, and the Praetorian Guard. If you are interested in joining Aegis or would like more info, contact either Caesar X Lanius or senator of military HeroicMiller.

If you want to be a part of an experienced, organized and active clan, then look no further. We have a history dating all the way back to June 6, 2014 and have learned much along the way. In addition to our experience, Aegis is active every day in matchmaking and custom games, and we are highly engaged in the military clan community. You’ll never find yourself short of teammates for multiplayer. Finally, if being involved in one of the most powerful and resilient clans in the community is something that appeals to you, then Aegis is for you.
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