Need som help with Live & Lan....

Here we go…

First, it was really hard to make it work in windows7…

now I only can play the campaign -.- !!!

The Live & Lan options are disable.

Menu title h2

— I have an individual gold membership (No family)
— My GFWL its lastest version.
— I add (h2.exe, dedicatedserver, gfwlclient & live) in my firewall & antivirus exceptions or exclusions options.
— I did the port forwarding thing(ports 80, 53, 88, 1863, 3074, 8602 & 443)… and everything its ok.
so… i guess this means my NAT its open…

Anything else to do.??? =/

I really want to get those achievements and play back H2 online… please.!!! Any help.?

Forgive my spelling and grammar.!


fix it… xD

I suggest re-installing the game.