need recruits!!!!

The Dark Assassins 2nd is a group of people who love to have fun, compete, and look out for each other while fighting for the rights of others o play the game and have fun. while being an extremely laid back company we still love to help whoever needs us and love to have fun. Read our requirements below then message Mr dark legacyx or apply at the Dark Assassins 2nd spartan company page on halo waypoint.

The Dark Assassins has always been a clan to take in anyone and everyone. However recent experiences have lead me to let leadership know that starting 12/07/2015 at 8:30 pm Standard time the Dark Assassins will only accept People who meet our new recruits.
Recruits must be:

  • Respectful of all players even if they aren’t in the company - Responsible for all their actions - Mature in game and around members (Mainly in serious moments i don’t care about the rest)Secondary requirements:

  • Members communicate with each other regularly in and out of games - Members try to contribute to the idea of the Dark Assassins - Members have fun and know when to get seriousThe idea of being a Dark Assassin is to look out for each other and have fun and to help stop any form of cyber bullying before it gets to serious. Mainly the idea is to have fun while doing so. We are extremely laid back and love to mess around so please take into consideration we aren’t all too serious.
    Welcome to the DA. Hope to see you out there.

Mr dark legacyx