Need racers for a good cause.

Hello, my name is Unrealiztic or Unreal for short. I own a racing league that is in desperate need of new faces in the league. Even thought particularly on Halo 4 my league also runs on GTA5. We basically do nothing but race on both games (Okay we do mini games and slayer). We would be forever in you debt if you were to come and try out some competitive sensed racing yet still very laid back in the fact that all of my racers are friends. Now, it’s not like we are a small league by any means but we are also in the middle of small and large (87 Members) Season 8 for the ORL will be starting up very soon. And, the league and I need you. So what do you say? Please just give it a try and add me on xbox 360 @ Unrealiztic - Website URL ->>> So, as I stated it would be amazing if you were to at least just tryout the Preseason of Season 8. Just so you can get feel for how we run things. Lastly, the series we run on Halo 4 are

Grand Prix
Sunday 3:00 ET (May 18th)

Firstly we have Grand Prix, the most fast-paced racing action on Halo 4. Each track consists of fast turns, big hills, technical chicanes and many strategic options. This season is bringing back the veteran driver’s favorite feature: the pit stop. Each driver must take all of the required pits in the race. If you don’t then you will be disqualified, similar to Rallycross. Grand Prix is a type of racing that really brings the concentration out of the driver and being on a team can really support you.

Friday 8:00 ET (May 16th)

Secondly, we have Arenacross which is a series with essentially shorter supercross tracks and twice as many laps. In my opinion this division is the most fun: huge jumps, massive roll overs and high speeds. This is the place to be if flying around and having fun is your style. People can get competitive in this division especially when the championship comes down to the last race, the slightest mistake could mean victory or defeat… you have been warned.

Mixed Terrain
Saturday 6:00 ET (May 17th)

This is the place where anything goes. This division races on a mixed bag of tracks made just for this division tracks are literally tracks that just don’t fit in any other category. These races have some of the best battles and surprising moments of the season. This is the place where nothing is really determined at all. Just go out there and race like you have never raced before.

Saturday 3:00 ET (May 17th)

Rallycross is simply the most exciting division in all halo racing. (Sorry HaloTracks) Very similar to our Grand Prix division in the fact that alot of the tracks from that series also make an appearance in this series as well. Yet, only one huge difference. The Joker! The joker is a simple path that you are tasked to take once or twice based on the certain race. This path is entirely different from the normal parts of the track but leads you to another part of the track. Even though it may not seem like much…it really is all of the difference if you want to see some of the closets races all season. You truly cannot describe Rallycross in one word.

Mayhem Wrecktacular
Saturday 1:30 ET (May 17th)

This division is a every man for himself series in which it’s the only series without teams. No rules. 20 laps. Full contact no rules racing. Not much more to say about this series besides that you never know who will because all of the wrecking and dirty racing.

Rally Car
Sunday 1:00 ET (May 18th)

A high speed, high pressure racing experience which requires immense precision and concentration to take the season crown. Each rally will consist of 3 stages on the greatest natural terrain tracks in Halo 4, which will not fail to provide some of the most difficult challenges for racers to overcome along the way. Rally Car is unique to the ORL because the winner of each week will be decided by how fast their lap times are on each stage, this removes variables presented by other racers on the track and leaves it 100% down to the racers skill.

Also, I would post about our Four amazing Grand Theft Auto 5 racing series but well that would be a whole other page!

So give it a try. Add me on xbox @ Unrealiztic. See you soon Racers.