Need Players

Whats up yall? I am looking for players for BTB, Obj, TS, and Invasion. I have above a 2 k/d, have a headset, and I like to compete. Message me or add me on xbox.
GT= BrickSquad GM

If my friends list is full, just send me a message saying youre from here and I’ll remove someone and send you a request.

I see you visited Be the Bullet, but seeing as you posted nothing I’m going to assume you aren’t interested in joining?

If that is indeed the case, please disregard this thread, however if there are any questions I can answer for you, pertaining to Be the Bullet, please do not hesitate to ask.

Im a pretty skilled and experienced halo player, and im always looking to make more friends who play reach and who r actually good at the game. I will probably send u a message tonight if i get the chance. I play just about everyday. My GT is HC Blood if u wanted to send me a message or check out my stats.

Check us out we are The Order Of Chaos a competitive clan with a community feel. we play BTB, invasion, team objective and the arena mostly but we do play everything else. we have in clan tournys and forge comps if this sounds good message s1y squirre1 or Roni123.