Need people to play (Multiplayer)

Good players needed

Name is GT

Hey! I’m a Sergeant with FDS, Fatal Death Squad. We’re an online community focused on providing a fun environment for anyone ages 16 and up. The best thing about our community is we do not hold try-outs. You are not required to have a positive kill/death ratio. You will be able to sign up for tournaments & have access to a large community of gamers all over the world. The idea being you’ll never have to go into a battle with an unknown group of people, again.

FDS does encourage continued practice to build your skill, but we are more about working together & having a good time. We’ll be opening a new branch soon & we’ll need like minded gamers to fill the spots we need. So let me know if you’re interested. I look forward to hearing from you or just friend me on XBL,
FDS nakiro1. Game on!