Need new people to chill with?

Fallen Gods core belief is that only the fit survive, we strive to bring some of the most trusted and BEST GAMERS we can find. FGs is a multi-game group that believes not one game is worth playing day in and day out. We pride our self’s in playing multiple games and being GREAT in all of them…
Joining policies: We are a OPEN joining company but MAKE sure you follow our policies otherwise you will be kicked.
K/D: …80 or better
Warzone: .30% Win Rate
(Note having a .80 K/D or .30% win rate either one will qualify you to join!)
Activity: Must be active every other day! (IF there are issues message a ForRunner OR your faction command chain)
Sportsmanship: FGs is DEDICATED to making our clan/group/company a FREINDLY, NOBLE group unsportsmanlike conduct WILL get you kicked!
Any questions? Message AvalancheW0lf os ANY high tier rank members of FGs!What ranks are open! Currently ALL ranks (But ForRunner) are open!
How do i try to join at a certain rank? IF you wanna jump right into leadership message a FGS ForRunner! With the Pos. & why you want it! Will get back to you asap!
Ranks: These ranks apply TO FGs not just HALO! (IF you become a HIGH rank via HALO your a high rank for ALL of FGs)
Recruit: OPEN!
Private: OPEN!
Corporal: OPEN!
Warrant Officer: OPEN!
Major: OPEN!
Commander: OPEN!
General: OPEN!
Faction Leader: OPEN! (Please note this applies to start your OWN side branch of FGs please contact a ForRunner about this POS.!)
ForRuner: CLOSED! (Becoming a ForRunner is a LONG process please talk with one if your interested)
We Pride our selfs in being a GROWING community. If a pos. is closed please talk to a ForRunner about joining when it opens!
NOTE: Ranks apply to FGs ALL games/Branch’s please remember this before becoming a Major and above!

Social media hubs: All social media hubs are being ran though Avalanchew0lf untill FGs grows more!

**Questions:**If you have ANY questions please message a ForRunner and/or a high member in FGs ranks Major/Above!