Need new members for our clan!

21st ODST Division
Created - 30.05.2020


  • General SpeedyMcNutt

Halo: Reach based clan for the MCC on PC ONLY!
ODST roleplaying clan but not really over the top about it.

What to expect:
1. Military Sim community but more relaxed than other clans.
2. A ranking system for roleplaying purposes but higher ranks do have certain responsibilities. You don’t have to rank up if you don’t want to. You have choice.
3. We have space for a dedicated Forge Team and Art Division for those aspiring creators to show off their stuff!
4. We do RAIDS of course and we offer practice drills to improve when not in Matchmaking. This is of course, optional.
5. We reserve at least one evening a week for fun Custom Games to blow off steam and have a laugh.
6. Less restrictions on speech but still quite adamant against bullying and harassment. We do ask that politics and such be kept to a separate VC or in DM’s though.
7. A more simplified Specialization system that is easier to understand. Now there are only 2. Power Weapons Specialist and Vehicle Specialist.
8. Less restrictions on Armor requirements outside of clan events or Matchmaking with the clan.
9. Multiple Voice Chats for when people want to play something else. We don’t expect you to play ALL Halo, ALL the time.
10. We have instituted a Spartan II Team. Yes, TEAM, not a Branch. We even came up with a simple lore reason for them to be in the clan. For now there are 2 spots left for those wanting to become Spartan II’s. This is meant to reward the truly skilled players and the number of spots may grow slightly as the clan grows.
11. And of course, a chance to make and play with friends and look cool doing it.

1. Halo MCC for the PC with Reach installed.
2. A mic for Voice Chats. Not so much required but very much preferred.
3. Must have Discord.

Honestly, your skill or level isn’t really important as those can always improve by playing the game anyway. We are patient and encourage those to move at their own pace. We are more interested in friendly people who are willing to become an active member in our community, even when you want to take time off to play other games.The whole point of a clan like this is to make friends and not have to play your games alone. The main focus of this clan will always be to have fun! If you think you might be interested then follow the link and we’ll get you set up. We look forward to meeting you, Rookie!