Need More Spartan II,III, and IVs to fight

Spartan Dawn Project
We are trying to train more people to become spartans through conscription and volunteers
we are also training to bring back raids and clan training. When you start you will need to wear all recruit armour and visor, this will change when you graduate.
if you wish to join or have any questions message
-Dawn Of Crusade
on xbox live.
Oly Oly Oxen Free!

looking at your size your goals might be fitting with Infinity Command , this is the info on the marines we have , but we run a spartan II and IV initiativ as well

Infinity Command is now recruiting and we are looking for skilled, dedicated personnel to join the 602nd Marine Division.

Joining the Infinity Command will grant you access to :
Military based training
Operations against other clans and with other clans.
Website with forums
Discord server
Spartan Company
US and EU members meaning players online at most times

Infinity Command is UNSC Military clan that currently is running a Spartan IV and Spartan II Initiative alongside its Marine Division. Originally started in 2013 and recently rebooted we are aiming to set a mark in the Clan Community and be one of the leading clans.

To join head to and fill out the application today , you will be contacted by the staff shortly after submitting the application thru xbox live.