Need more options to show off cosmetics

343 are trying to fund their game with cosmetics… and our palette for creating looks for our Spartans is (slowly) expanding. There are some pretty awesome looking Spartans out there.

But 343 has missed the opportunity to open things up.

  1. We should be able to change up our Spartan’s look while searching for a game. It’s silly to have to drop out of match-making to make any tweaks. These few (but ever increasing) minutes would be the perfect time to play dress up.

  2. We should be able to save our favourite set ups. At least half a dozen slots per core - which we can access quickly before a game. At the moment we only have one per core.

  3. In Social games we should be able to swap set ups while respawning. Or at least have the option of having it cycle through our favourites.

  4. If we see another Spartan we like we should be able to select them and see a break down of what they are wearing and how they earnt it.


For infinite not to have fully customizable armors was a total flop IMO. We should be able to adjust each armor piece’s color and add on. we should be able to choose a starting weapon (within reason). 343 flopped so hard on this game that they might have ruined any chance of redemption from the true fans in the future.
There should be so many cosmetic variations that damn near no two spartans should look alike. And we SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. …


Whats that you want to pay for the color green and blue again?

Don’t worry we got you fam


More options is always welcome. But different colours for each piece? That would be a race to create the ugliest Spartan.

Hell no. Halo is equal starts.

We’re heading in that direction.

As opposed to previous Halo’s where everyone wore the same handful of colour combinations.

Someone has to.


Not a flop, it was intended. (this goes for weapons/vehicles/emblems as well)
Restricting stuff to cores allows them to sell stuff over again in the shop and pad out events (We had the same weapon coating 3 times over, 2 times in the Tenrai pass and another time in the weekly reward, rather than just having it as a weekly reward or 1 level in the Tenrai pass)

As for the OP, here is what I hope they add in the future with cosmetics.

  • Full cross-core, or as much as possible

Visors, helmets (and most of the attachments), gloves, wrists, utilities, should all be crosscore (some certain items might now fit, but most should), for every core.
Chest attachments and Shoulders are slightly harder, but they should allow as many be crosscore as they can

Coatings should apply to every core AND all weapons/vehicles.
e.g. Whispered Sky in the Tenrai event, we should get a coating for all armor cores, all weapons, and all vehicles from just level 24 from the Tenrai pass)

Emblems should apply to everything (armor, vehicle, weapon, nameplate) when we unloh ck it the first time

  • Events are permanent

I think it would be better to have events be permanent.
After the event is over, the cosmetics go to the end of that season’s BP.
This erases the FOMO aspect, while also giving people incentive to hop on during the event to grind out the pass (if you don’t, you will have to go through the entire season pass to get them)

  • Weekly ultimates are permanent

Instead of disappearing after the week is over, weekly ultimates should also go onto the end of the season’s BP. This, again, eliminates FOMO, while also rewarding those who ground it out during the week (they get it before anyone else and are always one step ahead of others who don’t grind out the season pass)

(also, since we’re on the topic, BP progression should be slower to compensate for the extra free content, which, since they are permanent, won’t matter much imo.)

  • Stance animations

I think stances would be a lot more valuable and cool if they had animations with them.
Also being able to pick stances for the battle intros would be cool, imo.

  • Multiple armor presets

For each core, we can save up to 5 different spartans, which are saved as kits.

  • Different player’s spartans

We should be able to look at other player’s spartans and then, if we have the correct armor unlocked, apply it to our spartan (core) it is also saved as a kit (if u are at the max kit presets, then you have to decide which one to switch it out with)

  • Banished weapons/vehicles

Just give us customization for them already!


Armor Kits should’ve been utilised to save Armor presets you’ve made, the one we got so far just feels pointless


I agree on almost all accounts. I don’t think we should be able to, or at the very least I don’t think it would be worth the effort on 343s part, to change up cosmetics mid-match.

It’s annoying that we can’t edit appearance while searching though, I’d be totally fine with it waiting a match for the changes to take affect of its that hard for the server to track the changes.


That’s ok. People should have that choice imo.

Reach had various weapon starts when it came out and abilities. So did H4. like being able to choose a DMR or a BR to start.

The payment should come when the “finished” product is released… This F2P BS is killing the gaming industry with their lack of care as long as they rake in dough for colors…


I understand, even though its BS. Preying off your fan base is not copacetic in my eyes.
They couldve given us near unlimited adjustments, they (like you said) just after that money


Maybe able to switch while looking for a match, but I don’t know why you would want to switch how you look in the middle of a game?

I don’t really believe there should be saving setups, as its all just cosmetics. But I do believe that the customization categories need to be better organised than just left-to-right.

This honestly is just a weird feature. You rather waste time to pick your cosmetic loadout than play the match… I am sure people are pleased to not be red and blue, but I am sure they don’t care enough to see you switch armors every few deaths.

I can agree on this though, but it should be a post match… matter of fact it kind of already is there visually.

A lot of what you want is like, in-game functions when I think it breaks the flow of gameplay. It should all be handled outside matches. I hope you aren’t looking at Destiny 2 for reference.

If there are two functions that can better present your Spartan design, it should be a lobby system pre-match and a post-match showing the top players.


Regarding these last two

  • I think that it would detriment your team if you’re just changing costumes. But I think that having it be limited to the ten second window would be nice, and maybe what you intended. Perhaps something similar to Halo 4 loadouts.

  • And as for this one, we already can. Click on their profile after a match (using the screen after personal results but before carnage report). Select the spartan, then select “Inspect Armor”. You can then favorite armor you like, or find out its name.


a social hub similar to destiny would be nice, doubt that would ever happen tho

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Sorry. Still a “Hell, no”.

I’m all for having cycling through some different load outs (tailored to each map and game-type) - but everyone should still spawn with the same stuff.

It was more an option for getting more use out of your cosmetics. After a while you are going to have so much stuff. But I do agree that you probably aren’t going to get a lot of personal appreciation during the game (first person view).

Yep. That’s probably the best place. We just need some sort of post-game awards to show off in. Things like MVP (most damage inflicted that lead to a kill), Objection (highest objective score), Damage Sponge (most damage taken for least number of kills), etc.

Give you a chance to put your Spartan in spotlight for a few seconds.


I fully understand the beauty of equality but I also understand certain people accel with certain loadouts. And when everyone has the ability to choose their best weapon (within reason) the game gets even more fun. Kind of like a drag race. If you think you can make your car reach the finish line before mine, lets gooo lol. obviously within reason, like no lambo vs pinto setups, i.e. no rocket starts against Assault rifles. But I think having the variability adds a nice spice to the mix. just like with controller preference. KB/M vs Controller. Everybody already whines so give us some variation so people can choose which they prefer. then time will tell what people really like. As great as equality is, that shouldn’t beat the case in EVERY game variant. Like fiesta, which a lot of people enjoy.

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Honestly that would just be confusing.


Your probably right.

Just trying to work out the best way to maximise showing off your set up.

I think the best idea suggested so far is the post game bit. It would be awesome to show off the MVP etc. and give your Spartan the spotlight.

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This is exactly what we dont want
We dont want a store
Cat ears are utterly embarrassing

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No on choosing starting weapon, but yes on other things. I don’t vibe with players not having to scavenge for weapons.

They’re growing on me.

Better than that silly pointy helmet everyone ran around with in H5…

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Why would you want to switch up mid-game…? I get that you’d like to customize and switch between favorite setups, but multiple during same match? like cmon, it’s 8-12 minutes tops before you can get back to playing dress-up