i need more friends to play halo with and/or just be on my friends list. My name is StaticxViper, add me please!

Hey, StaticXViper, cool name by the way.
Static-X was a great band, sure I’ll add you.
I am also looking for more people to play Halo 5 with.

Hey man! Great to see someone who wants to make friends and have some great times on Halo! Join my clan Kappa Squad and that would be a great way for you to always have a team of players you can play with on top of your friends list! Look forward to playing with you in the future!

Kappa Squad

I could use some more swat people to play with. I’m on Halo 5 mainly now. GT is L Arendelle L

Whatsup boys, feel free to add me on live. I’m down for campaign, multiplayer, MCC or Halo 5 lets get the party rolling!

GT: BeantownBosnian

Go ahead and add me also mines skuzzlbut9, i usually can pull together a pretty good team:)

I also need people to play with. Maybe.

I also need people to play with. Maybe.

You can add me:
GT: UnbarredStream

I’ll msg you on Xbox