Need more Armour Coatings

Halo infinite is a fun game but customisation sucks man.
The armour coatings are so limited the problem is that one basic colour goes in the store each day Which is frustrating when you want better ones.
Like make your’re armour coatings actually worth the money by making cool
Looking coatings not basic -Yoink!- Colours.
Just saying I’m sick of my Spartan looking like a -Yoink!-.
Please add black and yellow armour coating thank you.


There is a black and yellow armor coating.

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Mate I have not seen no black and yellow armour coating

Instead of coatings, we need to be able to choose our own colors and then 343 can sell us textures for the armor (gloss, matte, dirty, etc) and camo patterns.


Yes, it’s one of the HCS coatings for Space Station Gaming

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It’s a kit. You will not be able to use it on your customized armor.


would be a nice concept


I just want 343 to quit their scam and just sell us these bootleg Destiny shaders as coatings that can be applied to all armor, weapons, and vehicles. They’re selling us exclusive coatings per type, like they’re not just presets that already work on everything, shown by bots.


I agree. 90+% of all armor coatings are just a dirty off-brown/off-white/off-kaki/off-gray color. Not to mention basic red and blue are being sold for 7+ dollars for every single core individually.

The only coatings that look great in this game are the HCS coatings. The just are great black, white, yellow, camo colors. With strong metallic or matte looks. But those coatings aren’t really coatings since they are part of kits.

It would be great if 343i added like a 100+ HCS quality free coatings to the game. They also should work cross core. They can also make even better ones and add a price tag to it. But right now, every Spartan (with the exception of the ones from the HCS store) looks like he/she has been dragged through the mud.