Need Maps for Youtube Series!

Hey guys,

Getting this new youtube series up and running, entitled “Halo 1v1 Ultimate Showdown”- It is part serious, part comedy, which makes it so special. The theme of the series is an epic 40 game 1v1 series featuring the most heated rivalry in Halo…Plav vs Plac. Every game taking place on RSCN (Reach Spartan Combat Network) w/ classic host, Dan Van Bungie. The games are trimmed edited, and turned into practically a sports broadcast in 6-7 minutes or less with hilarious follow up post game press conferences! (w/ crazy spartan world reporters)

This is were you guys (the Halo Community) come in. Startimg game 5 of the series. We will begin playing on community built maps. So if you have a map you want to see Plav and Plac duel it out on w/ host Van Bungie, send it to our channel email at: - We will give you credit for sending it in, and/or the original creator of the map. Also, starting game 10 we will begin what we call “Ultimate Showdown Specials” in which we will select 2 players to represent both Plav and Plac in an official game. So win this, send an email to the one given above saying - “represent” - you will be put into a pool and the two winners will be selected randomly and then given further instruction from there.

So find your best/favorite custom build map and send it in! Make sure the map is suitable/appropriate for 1v1 If We like it, its in!
And you will be given a shout out! Thanks everyone, here is a link to the series playlist if you want to check it out… null - YouTube

Update: Please post if you submit a map - your gamertag and any special info you want mentioned. Thanks

At this point to keep this message alive - the first person to post “first” and submit a map will automatically be selected to have it featured in Game 5