Need Map Testers

Hey guys! My name is GHouseSwag (also my gamertag) and I’m new to the forums. I recently made a map in Forge World that I really like. It’s far from finished, so I would like some testers to give me some feedback on it.
My map would be best played with 4v4 to 6v6, so there’s 11 spots open. I’d prefer if you had a mic, so you could give me your critique then and there, but if you don’t have one you can still apply, just give you review on this thread, a Facebook message (, or simply email me at [redacted].
The things I would like to see in your review are as follows:
-What you thought of the map overall
-Best number of players on the team (2v2 - 8v8)
-Weapons that should be added/taken out
-Structures that should be added/taken out
-Unfair advantages or hiding spots you may find
-Other comments you might have

To apply for this test, please post you IGN, age, and the time that will nest accommodate your schedule. Here’s what mine would look like:

IGN: GHouseSwag
Age: 18
Preferred testing time: Any

Keep in mind, there’s no requirements, first it’s strictly first come first serve. The rules in game will be pretty simple, common courtesy rules:
-No hacking/cheating/glitching of any kind
-No use of offensive language to other players will be tolerated (this includes, but is not limited to, swearing at other players, using racial slurs, and generally being rude to fellow testers)
-No tea bagging, as it can offend other players
-No guests allowed
-No party’s allowed

If you have a problem or question with any of the rules, or anything else in this post, don’t hesitate to ask, I came up with this all off the top of my head, so nothing is set in stone. Once we have enough testers, we will arrange a time and date for the game.

Also, by testing this map, you automatically get a reserved seat for any other maps I need tested. Simply include in your review of the map that you would like to be notified as to future tests, and I will tell you ahead of time.

Thanks for reading! ~GHouseSwag

I’d be more than happy to help out in anyway i can, Love map testing.
Just a quick word of advice, Never add your email address to your posts,
A moderator will soon edit the post and remove it, Just giving you the heads up.


Done. :slight_smile:

Never post any personal information online.

Okay thanks! I see it was removed already. Do you have a time that would be best for you?