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Greetings, if you are reading this you are probably a Man Child.
What I am doing is recruiting Man Children to play Halo and other FPSs with us.
And it is recruiting for a Spartan Company, Twitch Streamers and YouTube Partners.
We refer to ourselves as Man Children cuz I couldn’t think of any better.
To join you must friend me on Xbox Live, Request to join the Spartan Company, Have a decently deep voice (NO Squeakers allowed) and must be 14 or older, and have a utterly useless skill. If you got that then you are good to join just don’t be a -Yoink!-, teasing is fine being a as$ is just being a -Yoink!-. (Click it)
Got any questions post them in the space below.
(Why was -Yoink!- Yonked? I was talking about a donkey)