Need ideas for new weapons, species, and vehicles for Halo Novel.

Hi community, here’s my first post. Well anyways I’m writing a fan fiction novel currently named Halo Noble Return. It’s based of the cutscene where Noble Six supposedly dies. He wakes up in pain, goes through some dirty stuff, and forges an uneasy alliance with a battle built foe. That’s all I can give as to details. Thanks if you help me! :slight_smile:

didn’t the planet explode or something like that

Needle Shotgun. :slight_smile:

OR Brute Spike Shotgun. xP

Needle Proximity Mine. :smiley:

Laser Rifle. It’s a rifle…that shoots lasers!!


The Plasma Revolver: It’s like a mix between a Repeater and a Pistol-it’s got a 4 round overheat clip, but they’re STRONG. 2 shots offs shielding, next kills.

The basic idea for this is vehicles that would Unique to halo. each bringing something new. weather it be a ability or a weapon that is special. I promise these ideas would bring new light to halo (if added)

M832 Troop Transport: Other wise known as the Warthog runner Troop Transport. It was much faster then a normal troop transport but wasn’t used because the fuel it used was extra explosive. It is good for getting from point A to point B a Little faster then a mongoose but as said before it is extremely explosive. Also it had a turbo function that could make its speed even faster, sadly the steering is almost impossible when its turned on.

Reaper: A covenant Blue Revenant that replaces its Light plasma mortar with a Needler turret (needs other person to fire). It also fills in the side passenger seat and puts the drivers seat in the middle for more control. Its very affective against air vehicles but it does little damage to a ground vehicle.

The Mantis :A small 2 legged walking machine. It has long range sight able to use a scope unlike most vehicles. Its weapon of choice is a Assault Cannon that works like the hunters but always on Beam.
I thought this be a good idea seeing as its in a picture bungie posted them selve.

UH-155 Falcon:A falcon given shield ability’s however it does not have turrets. It has 4 seats. 1 Pilot and 3 passengers. The Driver has the control to lock the vehicle down
(B button). When this happens the 2 doors on the passengers side close. This turns on the shield. The passangers can still get out by pressing the drop button (x) which will open a hatch under there chair. The shields can withstand 2 shots from a spartan laser. Sadly this vehicle only got to see 3 missions before reach was burned.

Seraph Stealth Fighter:While it is smaller then its brother it still packs a punch. It doesn’t use shielding. However it can use a Stealth system that makes it invisible (It also doesn’t come up on radar) to replace a boost function. It has space for 2. 1 Pilot who controls stealth and flying and 1 Copilot who controls the Light plasma mortar (the Vehicles only weapon) underneath the Seraph. Its slow but hard to see. Like a spider on a web.

hover hog: a warthog that uses anti-gravity propultion instead of wheels, and has a rear mounted symbiosis cannon (more on that)
symbiosis cannon: combines gaussian technology with covenant plasma tech to deal more damage than either one could do by itself.

New UNSC equipment:

Satchel charges, with either a timer, or a detonator.

A trip-wire line that functions a bit like the trap ammo for the Harpoon gun in BioShock 2. Or a trip-wire device where instead of a wire going across where it’s been set-up, there’s a laser (red/green/blue or invisible)!

What Link has that helps repel to places and lunges him places, maybe as a AA?

Is this related to the “Make your own species forum?”

> Needle Shotgun. :slight_smile:
> OR Brute Spike Shotgun. xP
> Needle Proximity Mine. :smiley:

Needle Shotgun could be in H4!