Need help!

So a couple days ago I got the LE Halo 5 console bundle which came with war zone req pack and halo: the fall of reach animated series. I really like disc’s so I traded the code in for the hard disc and received it today. However, It is just a regular case with nothing but the disc and a 14 day trial for Xbox live. There were no codes sent to me for the add on’s or anything. I called Xbox support they told me they would send me the code for the warzone req pack however they could not send me the fall of reach code, and they told me I had to call Microsoft for it. So I did and they told me I needed to call Xbox support back because they have nothing to do with it. Finally I call Xbox back and they tell me that I need to go to because “they are the ones who sent you the disc.” - Xbox support guy. I’m very confused and annoyed and just want that code. Could anyone help me? Also another question I have is, does the halo 5 LE hard disc just come in a regular case like I received? I read somewhere that it should come in a steel case however I did not receive that either.