Need help

Hey, I’ve just completed halo CE on legendary (which isn’t easy) and it hasn’t given me the 4 or 5 achievements I have earned or anything related to completed the 1st mission pillar of autumn. Which I have also done on legendary twice now. It says in my achievements that it is unlocking and has done for days now and I havnt come yes it in “my career” when I have. What can I do if I can do anything? Anyone else had this problem?

Sadly, I’m not an Xbox One user, however I have seen multiple reports of these glitches for a multitude of Xbox One games.
The best thing to do is to check the Xbox Support Section on and to follow any other advice which comes your way from the other users who actually have an Xbox One.

Hopefully the mods will move this to one of the support sections on this website.

Check your service record on here just to make sure. I had the same issue with Halo 4, went back and had to play through an entire mission on Legendary (shutdown) again, to get everything to unlock. It was super annoying, because to me that’s my least favorite level in 4, but I still did it. You might just need to do it again.

Protip: If you’re playing Campaigns on Legendary…play them in reverse order. Halos 3 and 4 have the fewest bugs. By the time you’d get to 2 and CE, they should be fixed.

This is a known bug with Xbox One achievements, when it is fixed you will get your achievements without having to redo each mission, but you can always try that if you’re impatient.

Thanks for the replies I’ll guess I’ll just have to wait for a patch. As I have replayed this and nothing happened thank guys or gals who commented.