Need help with two more achievements in Halo 3.. Ranked Lone Wolf.

Please Good players… Please help me… I only got to get Overkill and Stepping’ Razor…

in order to increase the chances of meeting up would be to do this… While in Xbox Dashboard. Go to System Settings then click on console settings. Then click on Language and Locale. Then finally click on Language… From there go to the very end and choose the last one… Then you can finally help me get those pain in the -Yoink- achievements.

The rest of the achievements in Lone Wolf I got them fair.

I already did ask for help In… But… The only thing I recieve was hate… Of course… What else?

Please I am truly asking for help.

Please help… things was not easy when my original profile became corrupted… Come on!

My timezone is GMT-08 Pacific (U.S. & Canada)

I live in San Diego.


Huh? What does that mean?

Listen… I manage to find a years old Veteran player… Even wiith him… I still failed to get the achievements…

He say there is a glich so in that case we can be together again and again in lone wolf… Well same setup mention on the first one but instead of picking the last one instead pick the one on top of the last one… Where is it?

In language… Go up two times… (English first then go up two times… Make sure is not QWERTD keyboard)

Then start halo 3… Before you press X… Be sure the search to Language… Of course you will not understand… It is the one before the last…


… He even say that he manage to help someone else to reach 50… I am surprise… But I don’t want a 50… I want those achievements…

My gamertag is Dark Assassin7O

If you are willing to help please sent me a message or anything.