Need help with two achievements


I need to do two achievements to get 1000G. I need to save all six marines on mission 4 and complete Midnight (mission 8) on heroic or legendary. Anyone want in?

I don’t mind helping out with other achievements if necessary.


i’ll add you. i’ve done most of the achievements, so i know a bit about how to get them done. you down for helping with heroic co-op completion? i’ve completed legendary solo so i don’t mind running the campaign again on legendary with you if you don’t have that one.

Injustice need to do mission 8 on heroic. So just those two levels (only part of mission 4) and I’ll be done. I’ve sent you a game invite. Thanks :slight_smile:

I need a few achievements myself…done missions 1-4 both on co-op/solo legendary mission 6/7 solo legendary still need 5 and 8 on co-op and solo.

I need help with Bros to the close, This is my rifle, this is my gun, And all the spartan ops mission achievements, besides a legendary episode, crimson alone, and dedicated to crimson

I need help with no one left behind. If you require payment, ill help with one of the crimson dlc achievements.

Jacob i just send youa message and a friend requet. I have no problem helping you since i need rhe achievement aswell

i haven’t kept up with this thread. all invites are welcome, if you want to add me, send me an invite in game. i have like 3 achievements to go before i hit 1k. i know where all the terminals are, legendary strats, and other strats for the harder achievements. hmu plz.

I need to complete Mission 4 on heroic for the achievement linked to the mission. send invite on LIVE…GT : Manley 360

I can help, but i did that mission 4 achievement alone. Just takes a few tries and practice.

Thanks gabriel for the help. Anyone else want help with anything else just shoot us A message on live.

Except for achievements i already did

okay the crimson ones are easy. but i need help with the now they can fly achievement. anyone else?

Im in
GT is my name

Gamer tag : knurdy
I’ve got all the regular achievements, I’m only missing a few from the dlc, but I’ll be happy to help you with whatever you need

KLink, are thoses l’s supposed to be i’s?

KLink, are thoses l’s supposed to be i’s?