Need help with specializtions

I met all the criteria in order to receive the code needed to unlock all the specializations in Halo 4 however I never received and email or Xbox Live message. I am nearing the level cap of 70 and would really appreciate any help resolving this problem.

I just made 70 rank. And the next specialization did’nt comme up. so nog o donet get any Exp.

A lot of people still haven’t received theirs yet, and I’ve seen a couple of people just receiving their specialization code today and yesterday. Keep posting here and hopefully one of these moderators can actually give some insight.

Now i don’t get any Exp

What code?

Still haven’t received a code either even though i met all of the requirements…and im stuck at 70 now! and I have been and am going to just keep posting to all the threads related to it to see if will help get me my code i was promised…it really shouldn’t be this difficult!