need help with my account

Hi, when i signed up to MCC insider program i later noticed my account was suspended, i was curious why as i do not have a waypoint account, but i find out that my brother was able to sign up, make a post and even get me suspended without having a verified email, this was in 2012, i was 13 at the time mind you and my english was definitely not good as it was in the post, and i only found out today that it happened, i contacted Microsoft support on this matter to resolve it and in short they said they could not solve my issue and that i should make another account and post on this fourm.
(proof they said this: Proof - Album on Imgur )

The pictures are not i order but as you can see they advise i create another account to resolve the issue, i have no where else to turn except to make this account and to ask to look into this and unsuspend (hopfully) for things i did not do nor can be blamed for as my email was used to create an account of which actions i cannot be held accountable for in my opinion, if a mod could help me and look into this that would be nice.

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