Need help with halo insider!

Received a message from Xbox saying I could play in this weekend flight, but when i go to my halo insider page there’s no steam key or anything.

The message form Xbox was about playing on an Xbox console this weekend - it wasn’t an invite for PC like the first weekend.

Xbox Users who aren’t registered as Halo Insiders are welcome to use the Xbox Insider Hub on their console and pre-download the Infinite Tech preview without needing to sign up as an Insider (it’s still recommended to sign up, however).

For playing on PC this weekend, you’ll need to locate a friend code. Friend codes were sent to exiting Halo Insiders with active flight invitations. The code can be redeemed on Halo Waypoint and gives access to both Xbox and Steam. There is a pinned thread in the Halo Infinite forums regularly dropping codes as well as the Discord server. Twitter, Reddit and other socials are doing giveaways too

hi im having the same problemm followed everything even youtubed it mines not there