Need Help With Forge?

Hey guys, Andy 734 here again with the tips for the best forge maps in all of Reach. First up the “bases”. Make sure they are within 30-60 feet away from each other giving players the space to fight and make things go BOOM. Next, spawning make sure there are at least 8 inittail spawning points and 6 respawn points. Third, size. It actualy matters what size each base is, for example, you can’t cram a wrath, a whorthog, and a scorpion in one bunker ramp, make them have reasonable sizes. Last wepons. You need to have a lot of weponry because diferent people like different things so lots of weponry with lots of ammo and grenades. So post your ideas, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll post your idea next. Allright Andy 734 signing out. Bye.