Need help with forge problem!

My friend was working on a map on forge and like many deleted everything already on the map including the initial spawn points and the respawn points.

After working on the map he went off for a bit, so naturally he saved the map but hadn’t placed any initial spawns or respawn points in and never whenever the map is loaded he can’t move or place anything in.

We have tried starting the forge session and then inviting someone in hoping it allows them to move and place a spawn in but unfortunately this doesn’t work and every other method we have tried by looking around on forums and Reddit haven’t worked. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Someone here on the forums said they loaded their map repeatedly and after about 30 tries they actually spawned in. If that works, put some Respawn Points down (Initials don’t help). If that works, then please confirm.

This didn’t work for me or my friend unfortunately