Need help with achievments/improving in MP

I am still fairly new to Halo. I have been playing the campaigns for a year now trying to get all the achievements because I am an achievement hunter. I already love the HALO games and I love getting achievements and when I saw how many achievements it was possible to get in HALO MCC I was very excited and saw a lot of replayability in my future. Today I have quite a large amount of achievements under my belt but I saw some VERY hard achievements up ahead so I am looking here for someone willing to embark on this perilous journey with me on getting all the achievements. Also, I’m looking to improve in multiplayer. I have been trying to get into multiplayer recently but I am having a tough time since everybody I meet mops the floor with me and I would very much appreciate it if someone would be willing to help me improve.
If you are interested I’d prefer it if you could friend me on discord since I am most active there.

Achievement hunting is my jam.
I’ve got a group of players that are also into it.

If you’re interested, check us out 117 Ways To Die and send a message. I can get you into our Discord and we can coordinate achievements.
We play MCC and H5.

But yeah, I’m hugely into Halo achievements, so we should talk!