Need help with a class. Ask me your Questions

So in my class we were told for our final project to create a class that meets the states standards and we can choose what the class is about and have an ultimate goal for the class so I chose Halo Reach. In order to reach this goal you have to setup 4 lesson plans that help you on your way to reach this ultimate goal. The lesson plans can be either a Discussion or a Activity.

My problem is this the ultimate goal is to beat me in a 1v1 and my 4 lesson plans will help you achieve that goal. The reason I chose this is because I play SWAT and im really good at it 163 in the world for true skill and i feel that I could teach people my strategy’s and how I became so good.

Why I need your help?
In the comments below please ask me some questions that you would think will help you become better at SWAT. In other words what are some activity’s/Discussions I could put into my project that will help you reach the ultimate goal? What would you like to learn from me.
Here are my Ideas

  • Timing your shots
  • Know when to challenge
  • Knowing spawns
  • How to stay alive ( camping/Gahndi hoping etc… )
  • Form a team with students in the class and play games to learn more

This is a pretend class not going to be put to the test

Proof that I am 163 in the world it says 153 on profile page but 163 on True skill page i go of the True skill page.