Need help to test a custom game mode :)

I made my own custom game mode that removes: sprint - thruster - ground pound and clamber.

Jump height increased 120%
Jump gravity 110% - I’ve tuned this so that you would be feel suspended in the air for too long. And to help compensating to be able to reach ledges without th need for clamber mechanic.

Movement speed: Default (100%) - May change it to 110% for experimenting if the movement speed is to slow after play testing.

Shield Recharge wait time: 110% - Since sprint is off, that means that we can’t run away to a safe spot/make an escape route away from the enemy that easily. So I turned it a bit on. Do not know if it would be for the better or worse.

If you got the time to help me, please send me a message on Xbox :slight_smile:
Gamertag: IMoah JD (It’s a an higher case “i” before “-Moah”)

Are these settings for the default arena maps? What map were you going to test them on? I’m down to help. Sounds interesting as long as you can make the jumps work.

I’ve created the game mode while I was on ‘Empire’ but I think it would work with most map now. But it’s pretty late now, and I have to fix my sleep schedule, haha.