need help testing my new btb map (with pics)

Hey im making a new Btb map and i need some help testing it out. After playing some of the new community btb maps i have come to the decision that they are almost all bad except rift. I thought they were just tossed together and some placement of things dont even make since. My map is a vehicle based map that works with slayer, ctf,and assult. If you want to test it out send me a message on xbox or pm me my GT is “imbetterthenu”. I am thinking about submitting this map for MM in the future so give me feed back thanks. Its called Mt. Killimanjaro, if you have other names for the map please tell me I suck at naming maps
Banchee spawn
Blue base
Blue tower
Blue base birds eye view
Lift crossing bridge
Red tower
Red falcon
Red base
Red rocket spawn