Need help testing 1v1 warm up/fun map

So, i got bored and started making an Octagon shaped map (very small) for 1v1 warm ups or 6 player FFA Fiesta for lols.
and wandering if any one would like a quick 1v1 on it to give it a test. It’s not made to be super competitive, it’s just a fun mess around map (mostly so i could get the hang of forging again to start making more maps :).
It also has 2v2 CTF set up.

heres the intro scene and a small overview.

Hit me up on XBL, I’m currently working, but I’ll be home in 2,5 hours and happy to help you out!

So I’m not the only one that does warm up matches. I usually get laughed at for it even though after it I start annihilating.