Need Help Reporting A Cheater

I’ve tried looking but I’m new to these forums and it’s hard to navigate for me. Is there any specific thread to report cheaters in? Should I call Microsoft? This guy was using that camo cheat in Halo 4 where he wouldn’t show up on the radar. Thanks for any help and I appreciate any feedback.

Just a word of caution but please don’t single out individuals as that’s against the rules.

That said, the “camo glitch” is a known one and is not something that’s reportable.

Unfortunately, exploiting glitches is not an offense that can be reported, nor can players be banned for them.

However, you can report players who were using hacked and modified content or players who you believe may have manipulated the network to give themselves unfair advantages. Players can be banned for either. You can report them by viewing the player’s Gamer Profile from your Xbox and selecting File Complaint.

Why is it against the rules to post gamertags? Are they going to fix this glitch?

If you see someone breaking the rules, you can bring up their Gamercard on your Xbox. In their profile, there is an option to report them. This sends the player’s info directly to the Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team for investigation.