Need help regarding achievements issue

I’m on my first play through on normal difficulty and trying to get every possible achievement. when i played on launch day i didn’t get the achievements for first UNSC Audio Log, first Banished Audio Log, first Spartan Audio Log, first hidden Skull and completing mission 1. so i stopped playing and continued next day. when i picked the second skull and second audio logs i got the achievements for the first skull and first audio logs. I’m about 70% into the game and noticed i still haven’t got the achievement for first mission.
will that cause any issues with other achievements? i don’t wanna continue playing if it does. just wanna make sure before i start a new campaign.

I had the same issue. I did get the achievements for completing the first missions on my second run. But make sure to not get everything on your first run just yet as I have collected all banished logs on my first run but didn’t get the achievement for collecting the first audio log so now I have all audio logs, the achivement for all audio logs but not the achievement for getting one audio log

i got the achievement for first audio log when i picked the second audio log. same for the skull. (i think that was not clear in my question so i edited it). up to now i have collected every single collectible. so should i continue collecting everything or start from scratch ?
didn’t u get the first audio log achievement on second run?

Besides the first audio logs and skull, you can just get the achievement on a second run if needed.

Audio logs and skulls stay unlocked cross campaigns so you can’t pick them up a second time so since I already have em all, I can’t get the achievement for getting one now lol

that sucks. didn’t know audio logs and skulls cant be picked up in a different campaign. glad i got the achievements when i picked the second. hope they push a fix soon for people like u

Everything carries over except spartan ckres and such like that.

On my first playthrough i was missing 3 level achievements, getting the dropall and maxing out drop wall. I got then easily on my 2nd run through.

I think the quick resume with it, they said its a weird bug.

For the first of any of the collectable achievements they just started to pop for me the next time I opened up the game.

finished the game yesterday and got every single collectible achievement. today i got the achievement for the first mission even when my xbox is off and it says i unlocked it on 9th which is when i completed the mission for the first time.

There is a support site for this.