Need Help on Campaign,Looking to pass coop.

I’m looking for player who will play coop campaign with me since I have just got the game and I do love to play coop. My GT is RedNinjaTurtle5 send me a message if you would like to help/join me.

Hello if you are looking for people the Recruiting Forum-Click Here and its very possible that you will find people there :slight_smile:

Hey man,

Campaigns my game, and I love it a lot! I’m down to do some running tonight. What difficulty do you want to do it on? Are we starting from the top? Any skulls? Want to speed run (I know basically three levels throughout the campaign, I’m casual, but I know how to speedrun)? And do you want me to bring two extra friends so it’s easier?

Have you played the other halos or any matchmaking yet?

I’m way way way down, I just wanna know what you’re into because tonight I have some forging to do, and have to meet up with a few people for MM, but I can definitely help out on campaign! Hit me up with a friendrequest, I’m online right now watching some youtube, but I’m appearing offline so go ahead and shoot me the message.

Yeah I am doing the challenge at the moment so on heroic but i want to complete the game from the start because i have never played it:p but yeah you can invite your friends and we can speed run it or how ever you would like :slight_smile: