Need Help Improving

Im getting stressed at always coming up just below a k/d ratio of 1 or getting completely slaughtered the entire game. Can someone help me improve. Part of my problem defiantly comes from playing spltscreen so frequently it really screws me up but defiantly not the only factor. I have no idea what im doing wrong.

Hi i had this problem a long time ago. Watch i did was go back and watch the games i played ( back in halo 2 i would use my capture card ) now you can do it in game. Start there and see what you’re doing wrong. Try not to let getting out DMR or BR stress you out. Let’s say you just got out DMR, picture the last few seconds of the fight in your head. When i do that i can see o i shouldn’t have moved my stick to the right so much ex… Little things like that will help you.

If you have a friends, do customs to keep it stress free and to practice. thats all i did back in halo 2. It sucks to get beat, but to be blunt getting beat will make you a better player.

Definitely take a look at the recent MLG Dallas gameplay too and see what you can pull from them. Either that or the Rooster Teeth Expo back in July featured gameplay. The announcer isn’t fantastic, but from the early gameplay you can see some basics come out. I’ve been working on getting the old BR and plasma combo down again just to mess around. It definitely doesn’t feel as quick as Halo 2, but for a few easy kills it’ll get you by. Be sure to use your abilities as well, there is nothing worse than having a tool you could be using and not remembering it. Promethean Vision is a good place to start to help to enter rooms if the game has a slower pace, and thrusters take a bit of getting used to, but given some time they’ll help you dodge melees and get better position in a snap.

Ultimately Gypsy is right, just keep playing and learn from the defeats.

I reccomend finding the weapon that feels right to you. AR,BR,DMR,Carbine,SR,LR, sup. Then try to tweek your class around your playstyle and weapon.
Test weapons on friends in custom game see how long they will take to kill. If your new you will get better over time.

thanks for the advice im mostly frustrated with that anyone can spawn with a rifle weapon. im definately a halo 3 fan at heart and everyone had the assault rifle. combat with that weapon involved more then just strafing and headshots. the strafing i just cant do.

take your time abit and figure out routes people use often, youre not odst so youre not dropping feet first into hell, youve got time to hang back and decide what youre going to attempt :slight_smile:

Post a few of your games on your file share so we can look at them.

Playing with a full, coordinated party really helps. I have a 2.3 kill/death ratio.