Need help: Grunt Funeral Skull not showing

Hello, I went and bought Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary yesterday, and the pre-order codes had not been used.
I put in all the codes- the Grunt Funeral Skull, the Master Chief avatar costume, the Halo Reach Map pack etc… but when I downloaded the Grunt Funeral Skull, nothing happened.
I put in the code, it came up with the screen saying ‘This code gives you…’ but when I pressed download, nothing happened. I checked for it in-game in the skull activation menu, and it wasn’t there. I checked in my Xbox’s storage, and it wasn’t there. So I tried to re-enter the code, but it said that the code had been already used.

Is there any way you can help me retrieve the skull, because I feel cheated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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no idea