Need help getting the catch skull.....

Me and my brother have been trying really hard to get the skull, we have looked at alot of walkthroughs for that level and every time we get on the silo its never there. We have tried everything from killing marines,ghosts, both of the wraiths and we have even tried to killing nothing :(.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this HARD TO GET SKULL???

You cannot kill any of the Wraiths, or the skull will disappear.

Well, on the first lake bed your going to want to clear out the ghost but, keep some alive and stack 'em by the eroded pillar like object. What you want to do is NOT to destroy the wraith on the exit of the 1st lake bed. If you do happen to destroy it, the skull will disappear. With an active wraith firing mortars at you while you grenade jumping to the top of the pillar thing you have to do it right and fast. Good luck and godspeed away.

  1. Do NOT kill the blue wraith

  2. Find a deployable cover

  3. Activate deployable cover on the side of the silo opposite of the wraith (so it can’t shoot you)

  4. Jump on top of deployable cover, then on top of the Silo

  5. If all else fails, try stacking empty ghosts up next to the Silo and jump up those.


I can help you in coop tomorow, jst send me a friend requst and i will axept it when im online, probaly in the evening. My gt is the same as the name on my forum acount

Seriously this is the easiest way to distract the normal wraith. After sniping or killing the gunner by other means jump up on top of the wraith and crouch near the mortar launcher. The Wraith will targer you but just spin around in circles allowing your brother and other helpers to get the skull.

You can also tea-bag the wraith while your up there too.

what i found easiest was get teh transport hog (the one withotu a gun) and park it iwth its back against the silo, then just crouch jump. if you do it at the right angle to the silo you should get it easy. Have a friend or your brother run around the wraitths, kill the turret guy, just keep them off you.

Use the Warthog and park it agaiinst the silo, jump on the Hog**, then the silo. Don’t kill any** Wraiths. I would do this on Normal to get the skull or the other Wraith**(not Anti-Air) and** Ghosts will slaughter you time and again with the machine guns or plasma cannon.

<strong>Just take a Warthog(any one) and park it against the silo DO NOT KILL ANY WRAITHS OR THE SKULL WILL DISAPPEAR I would recomend doing this on normal to get the skull so that the Ghosts and Wraith(not one of the anti-air ones) will not kill you as easily.</strong>

Hey I got a question about the security shoulders. You need the Marathon man aheivement to get them right? Well I got that acheivement and I still don’t have them. WTF???!!!

I park a couple of vehicles at the silo- on the side facing the dry lake bed, and pile them up onto eachother then climb up and jump. I kill the AA wraith but NOT the purple one sitting up at the next entrance. Where I make a pile, the wraith can’t shoot at me, and I don’t have to bother distracting it. There are plenty of ghosts and at least one warthog. The only problem was my marines wanting to drive the 'hog away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: