Need help for my Book

Hello everyone

As you might suggest, im writing an book for the upcoming Halo title. (screenshot)
It contains approx 40 pages with skill related topics like aiming, mindset, tactics, movement and so on.
But im not a native english speaker, so it may sound clumsy for native speakers.

Thats why i need you.
I would appriciate it highly if someone likes to help me with the following:

  • correcting some major grammar fails and

  • repetitive wording.
    (You wont have to check spelling mistakes)

So if you are interested in helping just leave your email address and i send you a topic.
Of course i will send you a copy of the book when its done (approx end november) and would include your Gamertag under my note of thanks if you like.

Here is a little showcase. Its 1/3 of the topic player personality.

A) Who are you?
If you want to be the best player you can be, you first must realize who you are.
This tells you what your innate strengths and weaknesses are.
It also tells you what you need to learn or avoid.
You achieve greatness by playing by your strengths, not perfectionist your weaknesses.
You gain by make them redundant.

If you are honest and have a little experience playing shooters you might recognize that you are terrible at certain skills.
For me this would be brawling. Sure i can hold my ground but due to my slow reflexes and panic under pressure i wont become world class in it, no matter how hard i try. So i dont. I have fun by being good. So i avoid situations where im not.
And so should you if your goal is to get over average.

Games can be a place to live out hidden or suppressed character traits and nothing is wrong with that.
But its counterproductive if you want to reach your maximum skill level.
Especially in situations under pressure where you have only milliseconds to react, more often than not your natural character comes to shine.
Your subconscious takes over and you act like you do most of the time.
Can you fight this? Sure. But this can takes years. People went to psychologist for that.
And its definitely not necessary to be good in a video game.
You can play what you like but do not expect to become great if you play against your nature.
So be honest with yourself.

What play style suits you best?
Do you prefer Offensive or Defensive?
Do you like to defend whats yours?
Then play accordingly. Defend your base, the main object or even critical locations on the map that guarantees your team map control or good spawns.

Are you a lone wolf or part of the pack?
While team play should always be the way to act in team based playlist there are situations where a sneaky one man operation often works best.
F.e. defending the flag, stealing vehicles or securing power weapons.
Some people cant focus on their teammates anyway due to a lack of awareness.
If thats you, just follow someone from a distance, stay behind and be their safety net.
You help them by making your weakness irrelevant.

Are you aggressive or passive?
If you are a conformist you might not play the brawler who mangles with everybody at point blank.
You might prefer long Distance over Close Combat and play the passive support role.
While aggressive may sound cooler not everyone can back it up to play that way.

Ego is the downfall of those lacking the required skill to play aggressive.
9/10 people play too aggressive. For that play style you need to have it all: good reflexes, excellent aiming, the ability to make good decisions under pressure, great awareness, at least basic teamplay and always a plan b.
Most player dont even have a plan a. Dont waste your potential just because you want to impress others. At the end its your statistic which displays your skill.
Not a playstlye.

Do you like to take risks or do you prefer control over your destiny?
Action junkies can be a burden to their team if they lack the required skill.
Be honest with yourself: Do you have it? Otherwise FFA, 1vs 1 or custom games suits you best.
If you on the other hand have these skills, you are the rare golden cow for your team.
You are the 5th man on your Squad if you can survive these unavoidable 1vs2 situations more often than not.
But if you do, you would know and probably dont play with strangers anyway.

But whoever mingles with the mob is heavily prone to variance.
One game you shine with extraordinary stats, the next game it didn’t work out. You cant win it all, right?
Its a high risk approach that not many can back up constantly.

If you hate these random variance and like to control your outcome, you need to stay away from uncontrollable situations.
Take the support role, play defense or hang on to a friend but dont fight alone.
Your life will be easier and this approach is way less skill intensive.
You are still important and often more reliable. You dont fight for your own, you play for the team.
And isnt that what we all seek for in team mates?

B) Particular skills and requirements

If you are impatience you might wanna rush into enemies right away.
Dont. Just dont. They wait for people like you.
Better stick to a plan. (We will discuss this later on the corresponding chapter)

Freezing under Pressure
If you constantly make wrong decisions when the heat is on avoid close combat.
Take distance to the enemies where you have plenty of time to react. Or use vehicles.
(Read “Performing under pressure” on chapter 4)

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