Need help finding rendered Fails / Wins

I own a YouTube account and upload videos almost everyday. These videos deal with anything involving Halo Reach. I’m nearing my 100th video and I need a whole hell’ve lot of videos for it. I would normally just accept any old video… but I don’t have anything to record videos with anymore, so I need them rendered. The videos do not need to be yours, but it would help.

So if you could leave a link to any videos you would like to be shown in this video leave a link to it below.
Thanks for the help!

I have an epic fail, but it is not rendered yet.

Heres mine
Its rendered

Does betraying the same 343 employee twice in the same game count?

Feel free to jack anything you please from my rendered videos. There’s a good fail in there with a guy sending out a hologram at me and it coming out as Kat. Most of it’s just me getting killing sprees, but you may find a thing or two you like.

There’s a few there for easy viewing.

I suggest Unggoy super-jumping, Over-K a Spirit, They stopped the game, Fail for Revenge and Listen to Han (when he says don’t get {rooster}-y). But of course, there are many more.