Need Help are the severs ok

Hey 343,

I realized the servers were a little bugged out yesterday and prevent a few gamers from playing online. Im unsure if this problem is yet to be fixed. Everytime I sign into Waypoint or Halo 4, my stats do not update and I cannot play matchmaking. My Spartan Rank appears as a 1 and through the waypint app and website, it finds no records assioated with my gt. When I press start on Halo 4, it still shows my loadouts and my real spartan rank…

Can anyone help me on whats going on, and will I be able to play halo again?

Read my topic “SERVERS ARE STILL DOWN!!”, it’s the main topic about it and you will be informed on whats going on.

Are u -Yoinking!- kidding me!?

I want answers, not a -Yoink- redirect. I know what the problem is u person, its how to fix it.

Everyone is saying that hopper servers are the fix…i been on this for 24 hours already. So instead of giving me info on -Yoink- i already know, how about a -Yoinking!- solution? anyone?