NEED Halo MCC Body/Voice Actors

Hey guys, this is xUnknownSoldazx and i am in need of mainly body actors, but if you want to voice act, go ahead.

The Requirements:

Body acting requirements:
There is no age limit. I will only add people who have the mental capabilities to sit still and listen. You need an Xbox One, a copy of Halo MCC and a Headset.
So, if you can do that. Add me on Xbox Live: xUnknownSoldazx
Voice acting requirements:
You have to be over 14. (because i don’t want squeakers.) And you must have a decent microphone and Skype.
Add me on skype: unknownsoliderfilms
Voice acting roles:
Merc: Arrogant, Cocky, Manipulative.
Extra Guards (4):
Guard 1: Kind, lighthearted.
Guard 2: Mean, Frightening.
Guard 3: Typical British person.
Guard 4 (Officer) Scared easily.

So, if you have any interest in Body/Voice Acting for me, on Xbox Live or Skype, tell me “Halo Waypoint sent me”


may I ask when you will be recording?

I would like to body act for the machinima