Need halo 4 features in halo 5

it would be cool if all the old loadout option for arena would come back. Plus the power ups which we was the best loadout option we used have.
the next thing which made halo 4 the best even now is how menu options were eg: the same team player would play with u and after some game we start to understand the player and become friends. Next was how we could choose the map. The map system sucks in halo 5 (TOTALLY HALO 4 FEATURES WERE COOL AND U DONT HAVE TO CHANGE ALL THE SETTINGS WHICH WAS THERE IN HALO 4). Halo 5 suck compared to Halo 4**. I am a big fan of halo games but halo 5 was totally disappointing**

I can’t think of a non-negative way to say “Hell no”.

Yeah, you’re facing a steep up-hill battle if you choose to advocate for almost any Halo 4 feature, but most especially personal loadouts. I had no issue with them, but I’m pretty sure that makes us a minority of two.

> 2533274810191683;2:
> I can’t think of a non-negative way to say “Hell no”.

Im not sugar coating anything. I feel strongly enough about the OPs idea to add load outs to Arena to say -Yoink- THAT. Loadouts have NO PLACE in Arena, or Halo honestly. Be glad 343 sacrificed everything good about previous Halo games to add Warzone/loadouts to H5. You want load outs, play warzone or COD. At least 343 had the sense to not put them in H5 Arena and slow the bleeding to the butchering they’ve already done to the Halo series.

Meh… I would like loadouts.not because I don’t like loadouts lol just cuz I don’t want every halo game to be the same and based off the same kind of gameplay. I like to have some different styles. However I would like to see some abilities. (Though not critical) if I want to play halo 4 style matchmaking I’ll play MCC

I’m going to guess at a troll? Apologies if not but I think so, so I’m out.

> 2533274810191683;2:
> I can’t think of a non-negative way to say “Hell no”.

You and me both brother.

Making your own loadout was in my opinion was the only thing halo 4 did wright.

Loadouts mean non-equal starts so no.

There are a million other games that have loadouts, Halo doesn’t have to be like them. Besides, H5 already is like them anyway because you can have loadouts in Warzone.

But halo is about equal starts & map control(you want better guns, then control the area where they spawn) and there was a huge backlash against reach and H4 for getting away from that.