Need good team on reach for firefight

Hello i’m just new to the forum but i play games like this, by far on halo reach in firefight lobbies people pick arcade and other gametypes have unlimited lives when i gave it a try on some maps it was boring as heck.

If you are into firefights or good team work (which i like) and die less on firefight limited (legendary limited also but i know that skill is hard lol but if your good at legendary as i am then your for me) then you can friend me and please message me your form the community or i will decline your friend request on my xbox. I like someone who is a good rank but because i’m a warrant officer doesn’t mean i suck, i am legend at firefight and most high ranks on firefight lobbies are x 2.5 score is lower as i lead them over in every 6 firefight limited games in matchmaking

Im good at firefight but I haven’t played it for a while but I’ll play