Need friends

Hey all, I’m happy to say I’ve been able to play more halo 5 lately. Problem is, I don’t have many people to play with and have been doing my best playing solo. Therefore, I’ve come here to find a group of like minded players who like to have fun, but have a play to win mindset. I’ve been playing halo since the release of halo 3 and have been playing every halo inbetween 3 and 5. So I’d say I have quite a good grasp of how to play. For those interested: I’ve achieved several 50s/generals in halo 3, onyx arena rating in reach with a 3.0+ k/d overall, and relatable stats in halo 4. MCC was a “place holder” for me to keep my skills sharp until halo 5 came out. I have pretty decent stats for halo 5 (check them for yourself). I do have a mic and am 24yo (for those who care). I generally play war zone, btb, and slayer (kind of drifted away from competitive type playlists but can still hold my own). If you’d like to play send me a pm, post a reply, or send me a message on Xbox. (Gt: xRieker). Thanks. Hope to see some of you!

You can add me… I just started playing Halo 5 tbh so I’m not really good. Everybody I knew since Halo 3 has pretty much left Halo, so I really have no one to play with.

Add me I’m in a clan that needs more people to play with. You don’t have to join our Spartan company but I would appreciate more people to play with

Add me if you want. GT is my username. I’ll add you back as soon as I get it.

add me aswell. GT- Scottishdude00. I’ll play straight away

add me my GT is SH03B0MB3R im a decent player on halo 5 and all about playing the objective - winning and hate no communication with people who have a mic. imjust looking for people to game with

add me up dude

Cowabunga ixi

Feel free to add me

I play often I use my mic on rare occasion…I hate small talk with people I’ve just met because I’m weird I guess :wink:

But I listen to call outs and such despite not being a very social player