Need friends || Join DILFs || Must be awesome!

Hi, Kalypseaux here. Been in the game since Halo CE and Xbox Connect… Need more friends on XBL that play halo 5 semi regularly, or MCC even. It’s usually me plus my friend, but the more the merrier. Arena, BTB, WZ, custom, anything. I’m usually on most every night, unless I go on a bender, or whatever. Anyway add me, invite me any time. My console stays on so I don’t always reply. I do have a mic. I love strategics and calling stuff out and all that good stuff.

G/T – Kalypseaux

Also have a clan we made when the game released, DILFs. We have officially began active recruiting. So if you want the cool tag, or free req pack or whatever, join up. Maybe you just want to let people know you’re a DILF, thats fine too.

We play most every night. Down to play anything. Down to win.

About us… we’re pretty decent. we communicate well. most of us are 21+ no that it matters, were hilarious, we love rolling with premade groups. The co-founders… we’ve been doing this since Halo CE on Xbox Connect… yeah ancient. so we really really love smart team players!

Hit me up!!
–Kalypseaux / KELS

Anybody else? Need teammates

Ya I’m in I have a bunch of special custom maps and other things I could go offer I’m also looking for people to join my cause maybe if I get some people I’ll link them to you

sure thing bring em all

Anybody else want some people to play with?i

Join me amigos. Add me on XBL