need faster bloom reset for burst fire

I’m not the kind of player who usually complain, but something I am saddened to see in Halo 4 is that you can’t really burst fire automatic weapons like in Reach.

Basically, the bloom doesn’t ‘reset’ fast enough to control your bursts to maintain some accuracy for medium range encounters. The only thing you can do is spray and pray since stopping for any amount of slip seconds doesn’t do any good.

Anyway, that’s the only thing I can’t deal with in Halo 4, apart from the DMR’s high RoF or it’s low bloom.

Two bullet bursts from the AR feel exactly the same as reach to me. Not necessary now since theres so many precision weapons that you can always start with. Love the pistol!

I agree but the bursts are too slow, plus sometimes the second rounds doesn’t register.

EDIT: It’s still pretty viable when though, if you’re not getting shot.