Need Dew XP?

Dethrow was the quick responder…

I wish I had enough to give everyone, but I am fat enough as it is!

Sorry guys, enjoy Halo 4 when it comes out, and hope to see everyone on the battlefield in the future!


> Sent

Dethrow2112 you were the first one in my inbox, so i just sent you the first code. As I open the next few, you will get the codes when I open them. Thanks


No problem, and thank you for the codes ^-^

Sent as well.

Oh. -Yoink-. I thought you meant each person that came as the new bottle was open would get a code…:frowning:


Sent…me aslo

sent :slight_smile:

I have a Question if i can donate it in the EU Xbox? Or how do i even donate it ? :smiley:

The Doritos codes can be used two times.

Free codes please!