Need Competitive Arena Team?

Hello, my GT is Arabmalcom X and I’m the leader of a competitive clan/team called The Infamous Demons, I’m sure you’re seen many of these clan around so I’ll make this worth your while. If your tired of RANDYS having to be carried, betraying, losing, getting raped, etc than this is your type of people we are always active, communicative, hardcore, and importantly skilled. If you want to know details about myself then message me on xbox it’ll be too much to write, if you want to join here are the requirements
Must be 15 or older (I’m not 15)
must have mic not kinect
must be Abel to make Callouts and be communicative
Must have good chemistry with the team
must not be a skipper meanin don’t join us see someone you think is good then join them if your going to join then make it official
and most importantly NO BS if your joining then don’t do it for the heck of it fulfill the requirements and we’re golden
as I said we are always online don’t be a company hopper stay In Ours or don’t that’s your choice just don’t waste our Time doing so, and don’t say your going to join and never play with us, Thanks and to know more contact me on xbox at ARABMALCOM X, Thx and this is a small clan/arena so it’ll be organized

No offense, but you’re negative as far as K/D goes - and you don’t really maintain the W/L record a competitive team should have. I can understand if you’re trying to practice and EVEENTUALLY get into a competitive stride. But, I can’t see that happening for you right now.