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Hi. I’m a member of Epsilon Fleet, a Halo 5 militarized clan that is on its way to the top. We have a distinct vision for our clan and a unique organization that helps us win. The Fleet’s members really make it what it is; our leaders are experienced, active, and are very easy to work with. The rest of our members are all loyal and willing to put a lot into the clan. Our battle record is top notch. The Fleet has an 80% clan battle/raid victory percentage against the likes of Navcom’s Spartan IIs (who collapsed) and the Sith Lords (who have also collapsed I believe).

If this sounds like what you’re looking for you can apply right now at, or if you want, we can play a few Warzone matches and I can introduce you to members.

Heyo, if you are interested into the ODST why dont you go check out my clan, ODST Phantom Regiment, we are slightly strict but mostly fun. We do not need you to have a kd ratio but we would ask you to change your service tag and armour color. Hopefully, you atleast consider joining us and we hope to see you in the future! If you have kik, message me at dogington for any questions.

I sent you a message

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> I sent you a message

Nah it says you are already in a company

Sent you a message, but I’ll reply here as well. Check out our company Nubbstompers, we have players who actively play WZ and Arena. Let me know if you’re interested in joining.

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> > 2533274875152675;4:
> > I sent you a message
> Nah it says you are already in a company

I wasn’t talking to you

The Spartans of the Ark War (S.A.W.) is a Halo 5 military based clan. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what a Military Clan is, it’s a group of people that simulate an actual military in a less strict manner and under one banner. We have branches just like an actual military and they have their own unique weapon set and each member joins a branch upon joining the clan. We also have a ranking system where their are requirements to move up to the next rank, however it’s also a merit system meaning that if you deserve to move up then you will move up in rank. On top of all that, their is a uniform. Now don’t worry, you don’t have to where a certain armor piece or anything like that, we just ask you to change your armor color to represent what branch you’re in and your emblem and service tag to represent you’re rank.

We need your help.
Apply now.
S.A.W clan page.-this will provide you with all the answers you have if not, message Jiggle King or WeAreAllGeth N7.