Need Clans to Refine a Special Event!

To all Clans who are looking to Challenge other Clans in a strategic exciting new way, I would like to introduce to you,

Territory Wars!
Territory Wars is a special Tournament hosted by that spans across ALL of the Halo games. No, that is not a Typo, I said ALL the Halo games.

  • Halo: CE- Halo 2/Halo 2A- Halo 3- Halo 4- Halo: Reach- Halo 5:Guardians (Soon to be added after release)As you can see, specific titles will determine what console you will be playing on. However, you are not required to play on all the games for this!

There are more Details Here that will explain how it works and what you would need to set it up. They will be under the post called Territory Wars.

Maps will be layed out with specific paths and final rules will be rulled out between the two competing Teams. The team with the Most territory wins.

Each team will have a turn to:

  • Choose a place to Attack- Move your Team to a Different Territory- Hold position
    The defending team will have a chance to react and choose how they would like to defend. (Scenario in the link posted above)

I will be checking in to answer any questions. You may also contact me Via Waypoint, or Xbox by messaging me at my GT: LunarSpy1211

Participating Clan List

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