Need bunny ears in this game

Yes, I’m there right now. YES, this is a real thread on this forum.

Please show your support and respond to this thread in solidarity standing by this request to 343.

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Maybe a seppuku stance during the tenrai event too if we are lucky.


This is sick, winning a game and having your stance be you splitting your guts on your knees is so backwards I love it.

Seppuku is a punishment, a “warriors death” is to control his fate and so instead of being hung or beheaded by someone else the term comes from a place of shame and diginity but not necessarily a victory. I can’t really imagine seeing it be in the game but bunny ears is surely a better ask.

Knowing 343, there’s a better chance of bunny ears showing up in the shop than BTB actually getting fixed.


It’s bad enough some of the skins look like some skins from Unreal Tournament instead of being like other skins like Halo Traditional Skins. But BUNNY EARS? That’s where I draw the line!!! :rofl:

Only if they give us matching fluffy bunny tail too…but must be in the same bundle so we don’t feel like we’re being ripped off! :joy:

If that happens I Will Blow chunks for sure :rofl:

Fox Ears would probably be far more popular then Bunny. Not to mention Rabbit ears are significantly larger and would look far more ridiculous as a helmet piece unless they’re suppose to look tied back.

But honestly, Cat Ears is enough IMO lol…

I’d prefer a realistic and Halo-like armor mod. You know, like a supplemental brow plates, more visor plates, universal CBRN filters.